By responding proactively as a community, we want to prevent further spreading of the virus within our marimba community as well as to preserve the well-being of our staff, jury, candidates and all visitors.

The application period for marimba solo, duo, chamber music and composition will just continue. If you’ve already completed your application, you don’t need to do anything anymore. You will receive updated plans and dates. The new deadlines will give the occasion for others to register and to join us next year as well. The set pieces for the final round marimba solo and duo will be available from September 2020. We will provide regular more information regarding the changed plans on the website.

It’s important to maintain peace of mind and this exceptional situation should not affect the chances of success for the candidates nor for the organization. Let’s all keep our spirits up so we can transform next competition into a celebrational 20th anniversary and a wonderful meeting for all marimba lovers.

As for now, we still have a long road ahead of us. Please keep following all the guidelines and take care of yourself and your family. Our mind goes to all those who lost their beloved ones.
Please stay safe!

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