These are the members of the Jury 

  • Dr. Ludwig ALBERT (BE) - Artistic director
  • Igor Lesnik (HR) - Jury president 
  • Stefaan Ottenbourgs (BE) - Executive director 
  • Dr. Israel Moreno (MX) - Awarded artist 2020 
  • Foo Pui Yee (HK)  
  • Filippo Lattanzi (IT) 
  • Sergei Golovko (AU) - Awarded artist 2020
  • Seung Meyong OH (KR) 
  • Joy Yung-Ping LIU (TW)

Honorable jury members will be presented extra in the Final Round:

  • Dirk Verelst (Violinist - Professor Emeritus Chamber Music) 
  • Maestro Michel Tilkin (conductor)
  • Eliane Rodriguez (pianist- Queen Elisabeth Competition laureat 1983)
  • Leo Ouderits (percussionist - Professor Emeritus)   

Venues of Competition & Festival  (www.debogaard.be)

  • Academic Hall - Academiezaal           : address / Plankstraat 18,         3800 Sint-Truiden
  • Cultural Centre - Cultureel Centrum   : address / Capucinessestr.8,    3800 Sint-Truiden
  • Chapel Capuchin Monastery              : address / Stapelstraat 25,        3800 Sint-Truiden
  • Emperor Hall - Keizerszaal                 : address / Diesterstraat 1,        3800 Sint-Truiden
  • Academy of Music                               :address / Gazometerstraat 5,   3800 Sint-Trtuiden 

All festival concerts and competition rounds are located in the Cultural Centre and historical venues such as the beautiful wooden Academic Hall, the Emperor Hall & the Capuchin Chapel located at the site of the Benedictine Abbey in the center of the city Sint-Truiden, all offering the best acoustic quality. 

Program of Competition & Festival 

  • The Competition will include 4 rounds for Marimba Solo and Marimba Chamber music.
  • The Festival (July 15-17, 2021 will include semi- final & final competition rounds, clinics & evening concerts by presented jury members and guests. Total Festival program will be announced from March 2021 on this website.

Judging criteria
Each judge will evaluate during all rounds the competitors on a number of criteria (such as range, artistic ability, technique, interpretation, phrasing, presence, sonority) and will assign a combined score. The highest and lowest given score will be deleted. The others scores will then be averaged and the total average score of all rounds will determine further ranking and final award. All awards and prizes will be awarded unless the jury determine that the quality of the competitors performance does not warrant a prize/award. Candidates agree to accept the jury decisions and to respect the rules of the Competition. 

Provided instruments
Marimba models are only available by companies which are partner of the Universal Marimba Competition:
Adams (Ludwig Albert artist model, Alpha model, classic model), Yamaha 5100 & 6100, Majestic, Marimba One, Bergerault. Performance on private instruments will be accepted only for personal use and cannot be shared with other candidates.

A well planned practice schedule will be arranged for all rounds. Notice that for the first round only a limited practice time can appear depending on the total amount of candidates. Practice rooms & provided instruments are arranged at different locations. A Sound check is scheduled in the competition hall before each round. Notice that private instruments only can be placed in practice rooms to be shared with other candidates. Private rooms are not available!

All candidates have to reserve their hotel accommodation personally. We advise all candidates to reserve the soonest at hotel Stayen as a limited choice and availability can appear due to touristic high season. You will find on the page accommodation more information. For those who travel alone, the organization can inform by request a list of other candidates wishing to share a room (as indicated on the application form). We advise as much as possible to book double rooms - it will save you money-.

Dress code 
Proper dress attire is required during total competition. So please NO jeans, sneakers, tennis shoes, shorts.... During final round and award ceremony it is required to wear evening dress & suit or dressed concert outfits. 

Performance time
It is required to all candidates to be presented 60' before their scheduled performances.

It is totally forbidden to handle copies of scores or working copies during performances, unless the official published score can be shown during the performance. see scores regulation.*

Please notice that it is strictly prohibited to make photographs and videotaping during the competition. 

A free daytrips to Adams factory and a famous local Belgian Beer brewery will be organized during the Competition.

We advise you to exchange your money to Euro at arrival airports.
Nearby the competition Hall you will find several bank automats.

Transport to the Competition and city Sint-Truiden 

  • By train:
    • Directly hourly connections from Brussels National air-port, city Liège & city Antwerp to train station city Sint-Truiden & Hasselt.   
  • By car:
    • From Brussels: E4 exit, 25 Tienen, N3 direction Sint-Truiden-Hasselt
    • From Antwerp: E313, exit 28 Hasselt, N80 direction Sint-Truiden
    • From Luik (Liège): E40, exit 28 Gingelom, N80 direction Sint-Truiden-Hasselt
  • By Taxi:
    • From Brussels: available at all train stations & National Brussels airport.
      (airport service Chris +32-(0)11/ 83 20 27 / mobile +32-(0)496/52 01 83
      Available at all hotels and Train Stations in city Hasselt & city Sint-Truiden.
    • From Station Sint-Truiden: Taxi service +32-(0)11-69 46 46
    • From Hasselt station & hotels: HTM (Hasselt Taxi company)-Taxi’s en minibus
      Tel: +32 (0)11/ 30 10 20, +32-(0) 479/ 30 10 20 Email: info@hasseltse-taxi.com
      (Taxi Brussels to Hasselt 120 euro, taxi & mini- bus (8p) Hasselt to Sint-Truiden 40 euro)

Broadcast rights
The competition reserves the right to broadcast live, record and videotape all rounds. The applicants grant the organization the right to make use of photos, biographical information as well as recording copyright. 

Marimba-Projects vzw  
Contact:Huidevetterslaan 1A, 3500 Hasselt - Belgium 
secretariat-competition@telenet.be,  www.marimbacompetition.com

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