The committee of the Universal Marimba Competition Belgium awards each edition ‘"the Award of Honor" to persons for their tremendous contribution in the International marimba- and percussion field as a marimba- or percussion artist, composer, pedagogue, manufacturer, conductor, promoter and organizer. The Award of honor is given to following persons: 

  • 2001 - BE: Maestro François Glorieux / Composer, conductor, piano virtuoso
  • 2001 - JP:  Professor Keiko Abe / Marimba virtuoso  
  • 2001 - BE: Professor Louis Cauberghs / Percussionist, pedagogue 
  • 2001 - BE: Professor Dr. Ludwig Albert / Marimba virtuoso, pedagogue
  • 2004 - MX: Maestro Zefferino Nandayapa / Mexican marimba virtuoso
  • 2004 - BE: Mol Percussion Orchestra / Performing ensemble 
  • 2004 - NL: Professor Jan Pustjens / Percussion virtuoso
  • 2007 - SE: Professor Anders Loguin / Percussion virtuoso  
  • 2007 - US: Professor David Friedman / Key-board & jazz virtuoso
  • 2007 - FR: Professor Frédéric Macarez / Percussion virtuoso
  • 2011 - HR: Professor Igor Lesnik / Percussion virtuoso
  • 2011 - US: Professor Mark Ford / Marimba virtuoso
  • 2013 - DE: Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic / Percussion & marimba virtuoso  
  • 2013 - NL: Adams Music instruments / Manufacturer
  • 2013 - RU: Aliona Bolkvadze / Organizer, promoter
  • 2015 - BE: Pascale de Groote / Department head Royal Antwerp Conservatoire 
  • 2015 - US: Innovative Percussion / Manufacturer
  • 2015 - BE: Anita Evenepoel / Scenographer
  • 2015 - BE: Katrine Druyts / Singer 
  • 2017 - CN: Biao Li / percussion virtuoso, conductor
  • 2017 - US: Michael Burritt / percussion-keyboard virtuoso 
  • 2021 - MX: Israel Moreno / keyboard artist - promoter 
  • 2021 - BE: Walter Mertens / percussionist - composer 
  • 2024 - IT:   Filippo Lattanzi / marimba artist 
  • 2024 - CN: Ru Wen - Organizer / Professor  

Keiko Abe, Ludwig Albert, Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic, Mark Ford, Ney Rosauro, Nancy Zeltsman, Axoum duo, Rebecca Kite, Foo Pui Yee, Angel Frette, David Friedman, Daniella Ganeva, Momoko Kamiya, Kuniko Kato, Igor Lesnik, Chin-Cheng Lin, Anders Loguin, Frédéric Macarez, Nanae Mimura, Biao Li, Michael Burritt, William Moersch, Hidemi Murase, Zefferino Nandayapa, Bogdan Bacanu, Leo Ouderits, Jan Pustjens, Emmanuel Séjourné, Klaus Tresselt, Pei-Ching Wu, Seung-Myeong Oh, Sergey Golovko, Filippo Lattanzi, Tanasit Siripichwattana, Israel Moreno, Joy Yung-Ping Liu and extra jury-members: Alain Craens, Jan Van Landeghem, Walter Mertens, Stefaan Ottenbourgs, Liesbet Vereertbrugghen, Wilfried Westerlinck, Francois Glorieux, Eliane Rodriguez, Michel Tilquin, Dirk Verelst. 

The Universal Marimba Competition could establish an embarking career for most of the laureates and Prize winners which also obtained an endorsing artist contract with major companies and University positions such as: 

  • Hidemi Murase: Professor, Adams artist 
  • Miguel Gonzales Zaragosa: Professor, Marimba One artist
  • Eriko Daimo: Professor, Marimba One artist
  • Noriko Tsukagochi: Yamaha artist  
  • Chin-Cheng Lin: Professor, Adams & Resta signature artist 
  • Mi Youne Kim: Professor Marimba One & Adams artist   
  • Johan Bridger & Patrick Raab: Professor, Malletech duo artists  
  • Uchiyama Emiko & Petrov Vladimir: Adams duo artists 
  • Axoum duo (E. Slazak & G. Collet): Yamaha duo artists 
  • Miko & Rina Kano: Yamaha duo artist
  • Sharaevskiy Rostislav: Yamaha artist 
  • Elisabeth Galvan Van Wirt: Yamaha artist 
  • Taknara percussion group: Adams artists 
  • Lucid duo ( T. Golinski - I. Manolova): Innovative artist, Yamaha duo artist  
  • Ni Fan: Yamaha & Sabian artist 
  • Keiko Kotuko: Professor, Vic Firth, & Zildjian artist
  • Chen Yin Chun: Professor 
  • Roberto Cruz: Professor 
  • Claire Litzler: Adams artist 
  • Foo Pui Yee: Adams artist 
  • Simone Rubino: Professor, Adams artist 
  • Rodrigo Fernandes Marques: Splendid Arts Edition, composer in residence


  1st Prize Laureate Solo                     Hidemi Murase (JP)
  2nd Prize Laureate Solo                    Keiko Kotuko (JP)   
  3rd Prize Laureate Solo                     Mayumi Sekizawa (JP)
  1st Prize Laureates Duo                    Juan Martinez & Miguel Gonzales Zaragosa (MX)


  1st Prize Laureate Solo                     Eriko Daimo (JP)
  2nd Prize Laureate Solo                    Noriko Tsukagochi (JP)
  3rd Prize Laureate Solo                     Chin-Cheng Lin  (TW)
  1st Prize Laureates Duo                    Johan Bridger & Patrick Raab (SE)
  2nd Prize Laureates Duo                   Elwira Slazak & Gabriel Collet  (PL/FR)
  Young Talent Prize                    Min Jeong Song (KR)
  Young Talent Prize                    Chin-Cheng Lin (TW)
  The Originality Prize                    Taiko Saito (JP)
  The Originality Prize                    Zhengdao Lu (CN)


  1st Prize Laureate Solo   
  + Public Prize
  + SABAM prize   
   Mi Youne Kim (KR)
  2nd Prize Laureate Solo                    Iwami Reina (JP)
  3rd Prize Laureate Solo                     Hiromi Shigeno (JP)
  1st Prize Laureates Duo     
  + Public Prize,
  + SABAM Prize 
  + Keiko Abe Prize
   Uchiyama Emiko & Petrov Vladimir (JP/BG)
  2nd Prize Laureates Duo   
  + Keiko Abe Prize            
   Mieko Kano & Rina Kano (JP)
  L. Albert Talent Prize        Rostislav Sharaevskiy (RU)
  Special Talent Prize Solo           Taiko Saito (JP)
  Special Talent Prize Solo           Sabrina Suk Wai (HK)
  Special talent Prize Duo             Chin-Cheng Lin & Yin-Chun Chen (TW)
  Special talent Prize Duo             Jacques Hostettler & Nicolas Suter (CH) 
  Originality Prize Solo                   Chin-Cheng Lin (TW)
  Originality Prize Duo                   Hirotake Kitaka (JP)


  1st Prize Laureate Solo     
  + Public Prize    
  + L.Albert Prize  
   Simone Rubino (IT)
  2nd Prize Laureate Solo                    Rostislav Sharaevskiy (RU)   
  3rd Prize Laureate Solo                     Elisabeth Galvan (US)
  1st Prize Laureates Chamber music            Lucid duo:
   Irena Manolova & Tomasz Golinski (BG/PL)
  2nd Prize Laureates Chamber music 
   + Public Prize    
   Taknara Ensemble (ES)
  Ludwig Albert Talent Prize                 Insert Title: Ben Duinker & Greg Samek (US)
  Igor Lesnik Prize                              Foo Pui Yee (HK)


  1st Prize Laureate Solo     
  + Public Prize
   Han-Yen Kao (TW) 
  2nd Prize Laureate Solo                    Filip Mercep (HR)
  3rd Prize Laureate Solo                     Nina Fujisawa (JP)
  1st Prize Laureates Duo                    Keiko Kotoku & Roberto Palomeque (JP/MX)
  2nd Prize Laureates Duo     
  + Public Prize             
   Claire Litzler & Ryoko Kondo  (FR/JP)   
  L. Albert Talent Prize Solo             Xizi Wang (CN) 
  L. Albert Talent Prize Solo             Tomi Emilov (BG)
  L. Albert Talent Prize Duo               Milosz & Magadalena K. Pekala (PL) 
  L. Albert Talent Prize Duo               Florent Duverger & Lucie Delmas (FR) 
  Young Talent Prize                         Sebastian Efler (AT)
  Igor Lesnik Prize                            Nina Fujisawa (JP)
  Sabam Prize Solo                            Sebastian Efler (AT)
  Sabam Prize Duo                            Ling Lu & Hao-Yun Hsieh (TW)


  1st Prize Laureate Solo     
  + Public Prize                              
   Bak Hyeji (KR)
  2nd Prize Laureate Solo                    Fan Ni (CN)
  3rd Prize Laureate Solo                     Kann Elten Anders (DK)
  Ludwig Albert Talent Prize               Bernstein Colleen (US)
  Ludwig Albert Talent Prize               Huang Po-Yuan (TW)
  Keiko Abe Honorary Prize:              Kann Elten Anders (DK)
  Originality Prize                               Fan Ni (CN)
  Best Performance Prize
  Belgian work  
   Zhang Jinshuang (CN) 
  Best Performance Prize
  set Concerto           
   Bak Hyeji (KR) 


  Category A (age 12-15 years)

  1st Prize     Vladimir Shabashov (Russia)
  1st Prize    Kang Young Eun (S-Korea)
  2nd Prize    Gurkey Beste (Turkey)
  2nd Prize    Swennen Rob (Belgium)
  3rd Prize    Lei U Wan (Macau)
  3rd Prize    Yang Yu wen (Macau)

  Category B (age 16-19)

  1st Prize    Matisic Simun (Croatia)
  2nd Prize     Ren Jingxue (China)
  2nd Prize    Elmeri Uusikorpi (Finland)
  3rd Prize    Ku Su Bin (S-Korea)
  3rd Prize    Elias Nummenmaa (Finland)


  1st  Prize Laureate Solo                    Yao- Te Hsieh (TW)
  2nd Prize Laureate Solo   
  + Public Prize                         
   Marianne Bednarska (PL)
  3rd Prize Laureate Solo                     Huang Po-Yuan (TW)
  4th Finalist Solo                                 Yi Sun (CN)
  1st Prize Laureates Chamber music    
   + Public Prize                         
   Ni Fan (CN) & Lukas Bohm (DE)
 2nd  Prize Laureates Chamber music            FLAMA Duo:
   Luis Camacho Montealegre (ES)
   Francesco Mazzoleni (IT)
 Originality Prize Chamber music       Carmen Alfaro (CR) & William Gomez (CR)
  Ludwig Albert Talent Prize Solo        Alvaro Alves (PT)
  Ludwig Albert Talent Prize Solo        Rodriguez Morales (MX)
  Sabam Best performance Prize
  of Belgian composition
  (Feel the Sunlight -L.Albert)
   Huang Po-Yuan (TW)
  Sabam Best performance Prize
  of Belgian composition
  (LA Concerto -Piet Swerts)
   Marianne Bednarska (PL)

  Category A (age 12-15 years)
  1st Prize    Lee Duam
  1st Prize    Vasileva Maria
  2nd Prize    Isaacs Lewis
  2nd Prize    Pullen Alexander
  3rd Prize    Chakarova Sara
  3rd Prize      Van Laenen Lennert
  Category B (age 16-19)
  1st Prize    Robrecht Lasoen
  1st Prize    Arthur Bechet:
  2nd Prize      Samuel Hsin-Mu Hsu
  2nd Prize      Poljanec Luka
  3rd Prize      Cibej Jan


  1st Prize Laureate Solo                     Yiyeon Kim (KR)
  2nd Prize Laureate Solo                     Maho Ishida (JP) 
  3rd Prize Laureate Solo                     Ting-Ni Li (TW)
  4th Laureate Solo                             + Best performance Prize     Machi Ishida (JP)
  5th Laureate Solo         Lorenzo Manquillet (FR)
  6th Laureate Solo         Jorge M.E. Rodriguez (MX)
  1st Prize Laureates
    Chamber music    
   + Best Performance Prize                       
  Amazul Duo:
  Rodrigo Fernandes Marques (PT)
  Astrid Espinosa Bordón (SP)
 2nd Prize Laureates
      Chamber music        
  Catatumbo Marimba Quartet (VE):
  Garcia Jose - Cañizales Yuth -
  Perez Sebastian - Fernandez David
 3rd  Laureates Chamber music     Koinot Duo (UZ):
  MukhammaAziz Akbarov       
  Kabdurahmanov Alibek
  Originality Prize    Rodrigo Fer,nandes Marques (PT) 
  "Garden of Irises for marimba duo" 
  Category A (age 12-15 years) 
  1st Prize snare   Gogniat Samuel (CH).
  1st Prize marimba    Kim Young Hoon (KR).
  2nd Prize snare    Supel Natan (PL)
  2nd Prize marimba    Gogniat Samuel (CH) 
  2nd Prize marimba    Camps Ros Borja (SP) 
  3rd Prize marimba    Sagiroglulari Efe (CY) 
  3rd Prize snare    Binici Eren (TR) 
  Ludwig Albert Young Talent Prize    Sagiroglulari Efe (CY) 
  Category B (age 16-19)
  1st Prize marimba    Sakurai Hideharu (JP).
  1st Prize marimba   Rambaldo Charles Chiavato (CA)
  1st Prize snare    Zhang Boyang (CN).
  2nd Prize snare    Rambaldo Charles Chiavato (CA)
  2nd Prize marimba    Zhang Boyang (CN) 
  3rd Prize snare    Yang Seong Hyeon (KR) 
  3rd Prize marimba    Choe Glenn (US).
  3rd Prize marimba   Luis Robles (DE).
  3rd Prize vibes    Burcsik David (HR).
  Category A & B duo 
  1st Prize duo  Liu Ziyi & Yang Qinran (CN)
  2nd Prize duo   Shi Wenqi & Liu Siqi (CN)
  3rd Prize duo    Maytee Homprasert & Anakorn Rongsak (TH)
  Ludwig Albert Young Talent Prize     Liu Ziyi & Yang Qinran (CN) 

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