-The total list of Prizes with a value of 30.000 Euro will be updated and confirmed against April 1st, 2024.

-Notice that aside the Prize winners additional finalists can be added in the Final round, receiving also the official title of  'LAUREATE OF THE UNIVERSAL MARIMBA COMPETITION'..  


 1st Prize Laureate Solo
  • Ludwig Albert Adams signature Concert Marimba (value 18.000 Euro).
  • Invitation jury & festival artist (future editions).
  • Invitation International festivals.
  • Laureate Diploma.
 2nd Prize Laureate Solo
  • 1.000 euro 
  • 1.000 euro valued products. 
  • Invitation jury & festival artist (future editions).
  • Laureate Diploma. 
3rd Prize Laureate Solo
  • 500 euro.
  • 500 euro valued products. 
  • Invitation jury & festival artist (future editions).
  • Laureate Diploma. 

1st  Prize Laureates Duo
  • 1.000 Euro . 
  • 1.000 Euro valued products 
  • Invitation jury and festival artists (future editions).
  • Invitation Int. festivals.
  • Laureates diploma 
2nd Prize Laureate Prizes Duo
  • 800 Euro.
  • 500 Euro valued products. 
  • Invitation jury & festival artist (future editions)
  • Laureates diploma 

3rd Laureates Prizes Duo 

  • 500 Euro.
  • 300 Euro valued products. 
  • Invitation jury & festival artist (future editions)
  • Laureates diploma 


  • Best performance Prize of Belgian works (solo & Chamber Music): 500 Euro                                                
  • Ludwig Albert Talent Prize: 500 Euro 
  • Igor Lesnik Prize: 1.000 Euro:-best performance of Croatian works. published by biNg bang Publications - this award might be shared among several performers.
  • Public Prize 
  • Invitation at international festivals: can be offered to specific laureates.
  • Free participation of the Ludwig Albert Int. Marimba Academy will be offered to all laureates, donated by marimba-projects (value 500 Euro each laureate).
  • Belgian scholarships can be granted to European candidates for one year study (Master marimba & Master marimba Chamber music) at the Marimba Master departments of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and/or the LUCA university College of Arts Leuven (value 1000 Euro- donated by Dr. Ludwig Albert).
  • EndorsementThe laureates can be recommended by the Competition Board to the companies to be considered as future endorsed artist. Notice that the companies decide only by their interest further offer.  
  • Originality PrizeThis Prize, donated by Splendid Arts Edition, can be given to candidates performing own compositions and/or arrangements. It includes International publishing and promotion of their works. 

General terms: 

  • All laureate Prizes will be awarded unless there is an insufficient number of eligible participants in a particular category or the judges determine that the quality of the competitor's does not warrant a specific prize/award.
  • The Competition owns the right to produce further CD releases of all recordings made during the competition. 
  • In case future Cd productions will be offered to winning laureates, it is required to all laureates to include in the booklet and all promotional materials the Competition's awarded Laureate Prize. 
  • Additional laureate festival performances and showcase opportunities can be presented by some organizations, which handles their specific policy and offered conditions. It might appear that travel expenses are not included and need to be covered personally or by related sponsors. The laureates need to contact personally the organizations to concrete their further presence. Notice that the Competition cannot be hold responsible in case some organizations are delayed or even cancelled due to circumstances.
  • The winning instrument will be presented to the laureate. Delivery will be worked out at best with Adams company. Notice that additional costs like transport or customers tax may appear depending of overseas destinations. Those need to be covered personally.
  • The laureates are requested to inform in their bio and promotional materials their obtained laureate Prizes and official title of the Universal Marimba Competition Belgium.
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