Dr. Ludwig Albert (BE)


Dr. Ludwig Albert, internationally acclaimed and awarded as a virtuoso artist, pioneer and composer, belongs as Belgian leading marimbist throughout the world with the absolute top flight. Perceived by press for his unique ‘legendary’ sound and profiled as one of the most successful pedagogues of his generation, he’s unmistakably an ‘icon’ in the international marimba world and has influenced many young players in his particular way. In 2011 Albert, a Yamaha artist up to that point, began an important relationship with the Dutch ‘Adams Percussion company’ in the design, construction and release of the ‘Ludwig Albert signature concert marimba’. In addition, the American company ‘Innovative Percussion’ began production of the ‘Ludwig Albert signature mallet line’ in 2004. He is the first European marimba virtuoso to receive both honor.

He released 15 label albums with mainly own works and improvisations. He established in Belgium since 2004 the European creation of a marimba Master department at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and the LUCA University Leuven, driven by his renowned innovative Method in body controlled marimba tone production. The effectiveness of his accmaimed method resulted inover 85 winning Prizes and embarking careers of alumni. In addition, he’s visiting professor at the UNICACH University of arts Chiapas - Mexico, the HAMU Music Academy in Prague -  Czech Republic and the Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music in Bangkok - Thailand.

He’s founder and artistic director of several international festivals and competitions such as the prestigious Universal Marimba Competition in Belgium. In addition he’s the charger of the International Jeju Percussion Competition in South-Korea. Albert has performed over nearly 35 years concerts as a soloist and in collaboration with significant guest artists, ensembles and orchestras, touring  in more than 35 countries. He has been invited repeatedly to renowned music festivals, conducted masterclasses at numerous prestigious universities and is presented as jury member at leading competitions. He developed in several countries such as Russia and Mexico a true marimba culture and achieved acknowledge as a celebrated star & pioneer.

For his celebrations of 10, 15 years career, he released a double album, appeared in a Belgian mass production with more than 15.000 spectators and performed a sold out Belgian and Russian concert tour. His successful tours in Russia got an item on the Russian National news broadcast. In 2015, he celebrated 25 years career with the release of 4 new albums and an international tour with as highlight the world-première performance and National Live TV broadcasts of  his double concerto “The Universe” for marimba and Orchestra at the renown Beijing and Seoul National Centres of performing Arts and the Radio Hall in Bucharest. Extra performances took place in Belgium, Russia, Lithuania, China, S-Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Portugal, Japan, Poland and Austria. Albert received several awards such as the Award of Honor 2004 (BE) and the ‘Best Classical Music Award for his double concerto “The Universe” (2020). In 2021, his best-selling composition “Feel the Sunlight” for marimba solo was awarded the ‘Best Classic Music Award 2021’ and hit internationally the 1st position on the classical charts in Western Europe, South- & North Africa, Asia and Eastern- & Midwestern United States. In addition, he received the ‘Artist of the year Award 2021’ and the ‘Outstanding Legacy Award 2022’ for his exceptional talent and perseverance in the music field. A cooperative composing project with the Portuguese composer Rodrigo Marques resulted in 2021 in the completion of a new Concerto Permafrost for marimba solo or duo with Symphony Orchestra, which is handled as set piece of several international competitions. His total repertory is published and distributed worldwide by Splendid Arts Edition (BE) and other European leading publishers.

From 2024, his 35 years career will be celebrated with a concert- & masterclass tour, several new CD releases and the production of his latest designed signature Adams concert marimba. Well-known as one of the rare outstanding lyrical performers, he has been given standing ovations and has been reviewed and praised by Major international press and music critics.  -refined variegated compositions, -excellent sensitive virtuoso performance, -extra ordinary clarity, -El Belga L.Albert, un gran maestro del Mundo, -hearing Mr. Albert’s performance: you will never lose the sound of the marimba, -un musicien sans vanité, -his play will keep touching our hearts forever, -His sound penetrates into the heart so naturally / Mr. Ludwig's lyrical marimba approach is very unique. (Abe, Keiko, Tokyo, Japan, 1996, 2006), -Belgian artist at the top in the marimba-world, -tremendous popular marimbist performs with 8 mallets, -impressing, the overall excellence and superb musicianship of L.A., -Es uno de los exponentes lideres en toda Europa, -LA begeisterte mit virtuositàt und theatralischer expressivitàt, -extraordinario musico, -This is music of the highest quality (Knack weekend magazine, BE, 1997), -He succeeds in giving the listener a view of the marimba's prowess as a lyrical instrument and diminishing its reputation as only a novelty instrument (Rogers, Lisa ,Indianapolis, USA, 2001), -I’m very impressed with the overall excellence and superb musicianship of Ludwig Albert (Lambert, Jim, Percussive Notes, Indianapolis, USA, 2003), -The many contrasting techniques and colors will intrigue audiences (Frock, George, Percussive Notes, Indianapolis, USA, 2004), -Ludwig Albert is nothing short of miraculous. His performance takes the listener into a new world of Sound and Magic (Kurzbauer, The Strad magazine, London, UK, 2014), -His marimba playing is outstanding and thoroughly displays the unique sound and wide range of the instrument (American Record Guide, Ohio, USA, 2014)…

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